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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  April 22, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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found unresponsive in an elevator in his estate in minneapolis. the singer's death comes two weeks after he canceled concerts in atlanta saying that he wasn't feeling well. an autopsy is scheduled for today. ♪[ music ] since the announcement fans have flocked to the club in minneapolis where purple rain was filmed. thousands packed the streets last night to celebrate his career. after some live performances outside first avenue, fans went inside for an all-night dance party. a little known fact. prince actually got his start in the north bay behind these doors in sausalito. the 19-year-old from minnesota recorded his first album, for you. prince took the mic in oakland just a few weeks ago. local experts say he embodied the bay area by standing out from the pack. >> sex basically permeated everything he did. >> he was exciting and dangerous and this is like he
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is 5'2" and he is this monster on the pop culture scene. he is an icon in fashion, music and style and every truest sense of the word. >> landmarks across the country were lit up in purple to remember prince and, of course, his hit purple rain. that included san francisco's city hall. in just a few minutes, fernando from 99.7 now will join us to talk about prince's legacy and why he holds such a special place in music fans' hearts jerusalem it's a celebration for earth day for -- it's a celebration for earth day for governor brown. he will be signing an agreement. 170 countries are expected to sign the deal at united nations headquarters today in north korea's. luncheon with new york world leaders and environmental experts. the governor issued an executive order last year to reduce greenhouse gas emission in california by 40% by 2030. in the sillicon valley, they are celebrating earth day with a prebee on vta -- freebie
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on vta. ride the bus or light rail today for free. they hope to attract people who hey not otherwise use public transportation. and you can also win a $50 gift card if you post a selfie riding vta. that's cool. let's check the roads. >> what a great idea today when we have slick surfaces out there to use mass transit instead. we are seeing a few accidents now rolling in because the rain is coming more across the bay. so roberta will have more on that in just a few minutes. i want to show you the bay bridge. westbound as you work your way near the incline if you are heading out of oakland into san francisco, metering lights are on. you're backed up into the maze. we are seeing our approaches slow down just a bit and again it is very slick out there. so be careful. eastbound 24 at fish ranch road on the off-ramp a vehicle spun out as you get off the road there so keep that in mind. other than that, 24 is light. westbound 580 right at regatta, an accident there. 880 southbound out of hayward into union city down into
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fremont, some slight delays there but it is "friday light" through there shouldn't have any troubles cutting across the san mateo bridge. one thing though you want to keep in mind we have a high wind advisory in effect for the san mateo bridge. right now your drive times are okay between 880 and 101. but a little gusty as you work your way across the span. same goes for the golden gate bridge. highway wind advisory in effect here, as well. so far we are not seeing any delays out of marin. at least the portion of 101 from 580 down into san francisco. that will take you 14 minutes for your drive time just north of there south 101 through novato you might see a few brake lights but overall traffic is still moving. bart recovering from some earlier delays. the rest of mass transit is on time. ace train, caltrain, muni reporting no problems this morning. now for more on that wet weather, here's roberta. >> so the rain right now the heaviest is occurring for the morning commute. we'll have a break and then more rain showers for your evening commute. it will be scattered and i cannot rule out the potential of an isolated thunderstorm containing small hail today. at 603 it's live it's hi-def doppler raid. it's picking up heavy
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precipitation right there right now around the chinatown area in san francisco and backing through the sunset district. you have some rain. it's now going towards the bayview. all this activity begins to push onshore in the overnight hours and there you have the line of activity traversing east. behind it a bit of a break before scattered showers for the afternoon hours. right now mostly cloudy skies looking out towards the bay bridge with light rain falling. we do have winds the other side of the story 54 to 60 degrees at this hour. right now the winds are pretty gusty around the redwood city area backing through oakland out of the south at 20 miles per hour. upstream we go we see 18-mile- per-hour winds in napa. wind advisory in effect for the delta gusts up to 45 miles per hour. a blustery and cool day. these temperatures are rather seasonal but after having three consecutive days of record warmth here in the bay area, it's going to feel raw at times. we'll talk more about the weekend and how the rain will impact those days that's coming
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up about 18 minutes after the hour. >> roberta, thank you. right now in san francisco, utility crews are patching a sinkhole. this 17-foot hole sprouted up yesterday at 5 p.m. it will take a few days to fix it. a sewer break caused it. phone was hurt. no muni lines were affected when the ground gave way. a plane is crossing the pacific ocean powered only by the sun. the solar impact 2 left hawaii yesterday and it's heading to mountain view. kpix 5's keit do is at moffett field where the plane will land sometime this weekend. kiet. >> reporter: yes. good morning. you know, we're used to seeing amazing stuff here in sillicon valley but this is just wow! right now there's a pilot asleep in his cockpit inside a solar-powered airplane that's headed towards mountain view all while mission control is monitoring the flight from monaco. the plane is about a third of the way here. this is a look at the live tracker of the plane's
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progress. it took off from oahu yesterday morning at 9 a.m. it is staying at roughly 4800 feet plodding along at 35 miles per hour. the plane is on autopilot and so the pilot himself is leaned back wearing an oxygen mask sleeping in a down insulated flight suit. every now and then he is woken up by turbulence. the plane has been in the works for 15 years by a man from switzerland. the plane is carbon fiber weighs about the same as a family car and is covered in state-of-the-art solar panels with four batteries on board. it takes off with full batteries and flies around the clock running on batteries at night and recharging them during the day while in the air. on this earth day the team is hoping to inspiring students, businessmen and elected officials across the planet to see what they can do to use clean technology and get inspired to do so. solar impulse 2 set to land at moffett field around 9 p.m. on saturday. live in mountain view, kiet do, kpix 5. >> once it takes off, how long can the play stay in the air?
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>> reporter: you know, in theory, the team says that once it's in the air, using the cycle of charging and flying, they say that plane can basically fly forever. limited only by the pilot's strength and endures. >> thank you, kiet. time now 6:07. the death of prince hitting close to home for many here in the bay area. we'll speak to fernando and greg from 99.7 now, who will join us to talk about prince's legacy and why he holds such a special place in some fans' hearts. >> good morning, everybody. we have rain here. but for your weekend plans, we have snow in tahoe. we'll show you when it will snow. >> and we are starting to see the accidents trickle in because of the wet weather. details coming right up. he ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. and to celebrate -- admissis free at all national parks through sunday. in the bay
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area: entrance fees are bei waved at muir woods national there year marks the centennial of national park service. in addition is entrance is free through sunday around the country. the u.s. postal service is rolling out 16 new forever stamps to commemorate it. one of them spotlights a bay area park. it shows the san francisco maritime national historical park. it's home to five landmark vessels. it's 6:11. the roads are wed out there. people need to be careful. >> it is. it's starting to get busy. westbound 580 at regatta an accident blocked injuries reported so that will cause a delay as you work your way through there. busy coming off the eastshore freeway westbound 80 as you connect to 580 trying to get on the richmond/san rafael bridge. accident eastbound 80 at 4. solo spinout. when we get this wet weather we
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get a lot of vehicles spinning out as they take those on- and off-ramps a little too fast. so keep that in mind. eastbound 4 fish ranch road an accident on the ramp. delays on the westbound 24 through orinda this morning. bay bridge approaches starting to see some delays. metering lights are on. here's a live look at conditions right at the incline. westbound extra volume. gets better past there but again we are dealing with some wet weather this morning. so slick surfaces across the span. if you are heading along the nimitz nimitz southbound you will see delays not through oakland but at least around hayward south of 238. that's where we see slower speeds down into fremont. it is lighter than usual though so that's the good news. if you are going across the san mateo bridge, you shouldn't have too many problems now. our drive times are 15 minutes to get over to the peninsula. but we do have high wind advisory in effect for the san mateo bridge so keep that in mind. golden gate bridge is light as
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far as traffic goes but slick surfaces here, as well. high wind advisory also in effect but no delays out of marin. want to skip the roads today not a problem. everybody is back on time. earlier problems for bart are cleared. the rest of mass transit is moving pretty nicely. but that rain is going to stick around for most of the day. here's roberta. with the rain, the wind and the clouds that does not bode well with sfo. one hour and 12-minute delays on some arriving flights. okay. let's get to it. it's live. it's our hi-def doppler radar. it's fired up ready to roll and here you have it. the front passing through now slicing from the north bay across the central bay into the peninsula. heavy precipitation around 680 out of the fairfield area into benicia. rain in the general area into milpitas. it's raining in the south bay. but this is the heaviest precipitation i could find. anywhere just outside of daly city just moved out of the sunset district. crossing the city of san francisco, across the bay
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bridge, this is how it looks according to our live weather camera looking out towards the bay bridge. so visibility has been an issue this morning as we are trying to peer out from san francisco towards the east bay into the port of oakland. that's due to the lower cloud cover. 50s and 60s at this hour. the other side of the story is the wind. 13 in san francisco right now. across the bay at 20. 14 in berkeley. 12 in the redwood city area. 18 at napa. wind advisory in effect until tonight for the delta. wind gusts to up 45-mile-per- hour. this is an energetic area of low pressure developing way out there toward aleutian island. it's now bearing down on the northwestern section of the state. as it does so let's clock it together. there's your lunch hour. moderate to heavy rain. you know, we started this workweek with record warm temperatures. now we have the cooler air mass filtering in. i cannot rule out the
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possibility of an isolated thunderstorm with small hail today. dry weekend and partly cloudy. so don't worry about little league baseball games getting rained out. rainfall amounts a half inch in san francisco. three-tenths san jose. inch ukiah. from the beaches with the rain to the high sierra, winter weather advisory! yeah, don't put away the skis yet we felt at least four resorts open with up to eight inches of snow above 7,000 feet. cloud today, wind, and the sporadic rain showers into the 60s. extended forecast: legend performed there justt month... similar tributes wt up >> oracle arena in oakland lit up in purple in honor of prince. he performed there just was month and similar tribute went up all across the country last night. >> and we are joined now by fernando and greg from 99.7
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now. guys, thanks for joining us. >> good to be here. thank you. >> good to see you. we have seen an emotional response to the death of prince. he meant so much to some people and it just spanned ages and races and and -- and everything. >> one of the first things i thought of about prince is beyond the music he wa such an enigma. we don't anything about his life. we didn't know every detail. that made him even a bigger star than he already was. >> yeah. >> when we got news that he died, he checked with greg and said what's going on? this is not a good thing. >> what's happening? >> you have had a lot of callers calling? >> amazing response. people were just really thrown aback. i feel like in the bay area, probably more so than many places, we just have a huge connection to prince. he loved being here. he recorded his first album here in the bay area as you covered. but i think also it's just sort
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of came out of nowhere. he is only 57. we didn't hear about any health problems. it wasn't the stage of illness where you think this might happen. >> he was on tour. >> yeah. >> you, michelle, just saw him. i said, oh, you were just at that show and you were texting me about going to the show. >> yeah. >> it was an expensive ticket. >> yes. >> now aren't you glad that you went? >> i'm so glad i went because it's easy to say, oh i'll catch him next time. >> some of my friends did text me that and they said, we'll see him next time. this is an expensive show. >> i think a lot of fans regret that now. greg, what i have noticed in the last 24 hours is that you have seen so many fans come out to express their thoughts and how they loved prince but not just from the generations from the '70s and '80s but even kids now they respect prince and that shows you how great of a musician he was. >> he just kept going and kept "pushing the envelope." i think some people can connect
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with their eras. i remember being a teenager and thinking i got his album and thinking if my mother knew what was on this album. it was so dirty. that's where i connected with him. it was like my first like oh, i shouldn't be listening to this. there's so many songs. album covers, too. purple rain which people love so much. >> yeah. we grew up with that music. >> he didn't, um, he didn't sort of pigeonhole himself. he did all kinds of music. he was an r&b at the beginning but he was not afraid to try anything. he even delved into hip-hop too when that took hold in the '80s and '90s. you know, he has done it all so there was something for everybody. >> it's so true and evidence of that yesterday when i left work i was flipping through all of the -- through four radio stations. >> how dare you? >> i know. [ laughter ] >> but you know -- >> i did the same thing. [ laughter ] >> i was listening to four
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different genres and they were all playing prince songs and you knew that he -- >> different kinds of songs. he went through every genre and you know it's interesting i was looking back at some stuff and i think it was eric clapton was at what does it feel like to be the best guitar player in the world? he said i don't know, why don't you ask prince? >> he was a great singer and songwriter. he played every, single instrument. when he was inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame he made note of that just like having the freedom to be able to play his instruments, write his own songs, say anything. he was autonomous. there are few artists who know that. >> he wrote for other singers. >> all these songs. stevie nicks stand back. artists you would never have thought. >> unbelievable. >> he will truly, truly be missed. guys, thanks so much for coming on and talking about prince. i think we text too much.
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>> during our shows. [ laughter ] 6:19. we'll be right back. ♪[ music ] ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,
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hey, good morning, everybody. well, they didn't play very well, didn't shoot the ball very well, had a lot of turnovers in this game. but here's the big picture. there's going to be a warriors- rockets game five next wednesday at oracle. now, without the mvp, steph curry, here's how game 3 went down. there he is. watch the game from the locker room held out because of the bum ankle. jason give me a side pocket 3. rockets built a 15-point lead early. led as much as 17. but here's the game. end of the game, houston turnovers, ball knocked free to
6:24 am
ian clark and he hits! warriors led by 1! next possession, here's james harden. shook his man, he hits, put the rockets up by 1. he scored 35. "dubs" a good chance to win it and look what happens. oh!! draymond green bounced it off his leg out of bounds. we're done here. desperate team won last night. houston wins it 97-96. "dubs" series lead cut to two games to one with game 4 sunday at 12:30. >> i'm not really encouraged. this is how you're supposed to play. we should play better. we made too many mistakes. we had a lot of good individual performances but we have to play better as a team. so whether steph is here or not >> the mvp is out. you know, 30 points a game we're going to miss that. but that means there's smaller margin for error. we have to do all the little things. we can't beat ourselves. and you know, i think we did
6:25 am
that tonight as a team. >> all right. you bet. number 30 will be in that line- up on sunday at 12:30. rest assured. later on today? barry lamar bonds back at at&t park as hitting coach for the marlins. stay tuned for that one later in the day. we'll see ya. wow, bonds is back. we hit the ice for the play of the day. blackhawks needing a win against the blues to avoid elimination in the first round play-off series. this one went to two overtimes. [ screaming ] >> power play patrick kane! >> he had a fancy stick handling and overtime winner to keep the defending stanley cup champs alive in the series. and he earns our play of the day. it is 6:25.
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as fans mourn the death of prince, some students in oakland will make sure his legacy lives on. we'll have more on his contributions outside the world of music. >> and a multi-million dollar settlement for uber coming up what it means for its drivers and the riders who depend on uber's service. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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case. and the f-b-i director may revealed how much his agency paid another sexual assault scandal at uc-berkeley. why another coach is accused of mishandling a case. >> the fbi director may have revealed how much his agency paid hackers to break into a locked iphone. >> from the kpix 5 weather
6:30 am
center, good morning. sure, it's raining here. we'll talk about how much snow will fall in tahoe. >> what that reason means for your morning drive. details coming up. >> good morning. it's friday, april 22. time now 6:30. fans are mourning the death of prince. yesterday the 57-year-old was found unresponsive in an elevator in his estate in minneapolis. you can see you can see shows us why he left a mark in the midwestern city and beyond. reporter: landmarks across the country lit up in purple overnight, the color that came to represent prince's career. >> reporter: fans paid tribute to the music icon by singing his greatest hits on the streets. some of the loudest voices were heard from his hometown, minneapolis. outside the venue where "purple rain" was filmed. it earned him an oscar. >> he put minneapolis on the
6:31 am
map. i think it's great we're celebrating his life not in sorrow. >> reporter: it was here in minneapolis where he honed his sound mastering music from production to arrangement. [ music ] >> the legendary singer and songwriter won seven grammys, and sold more than 100 million records. during his 40-year career, something music critic john breen says he accomplished with little help. >> his outfit, the videos, he did everything. no one else in the history of music has done everything as well as such a high level. >> purple rain, purple rain ♪[ music ]♪ >> reporter: leading up to his death the reclusive star had embarked on a stripped down piano and microphone tour. the 57-year-old spent his final moments at his paisley park estate where mourners continue to celebrate his life and mourn his sudden death. jamie yuccas, cbs news, chanhassen, minnesota. his influence wasn't just
6:32 am
felt musically but socially. it was july 2013 and george zimmerman had just been acquitted of the death of trayvon martin. the verdict angered this man. >> he was angry and said it's racism and prince said maybe but it could be we're not turning out enough black zuckerbergs. >> that's how yes, we code was born. the first hack-a-thon was held here at impact oakland in the winter of 2014. it focused on creating social justice apps that koch saved trayvon and start training 100,000 youth of color to world cup he lead coders and productive members of society. its it was all paid for by prince. it spread to other cities in the u.s. on prince's dime. uber is paying to make sure drivers won't be deemed employees. anne makovec is in san francisco with why a settlement of 100 million could spell a win for the ridesharing
6:33 am
company. >> reporter: this is a class action lawsuit. drivers are independent contractors no benefits. that's how uber is able to keep its fares low and its overhead low, as well. the company is paying up to keep that right $100 million to drivers in california and massachusetts. the drivers sued saying they believed, considered employees and entitled to benefits which would have been a blow to uber's business model. >> this particular company and the companies like it are found new efficient ways of delivering a service. but they have promoted really what's false propaganda that is that the employees can't be flexible and can't have the hours that they want if they are regarded as employees. >> so under the deal the drivers will keep all the freedoms and the right to put
6:34 am
signs in their cars encouraging riders to tip. uber's ceo said we haven't always done a good job with drivers so he seems to recognize that it is the drives driving his business. anne makovec, kpix 5. >> anne, we understand there are more lawsuits pending that uber may face. >> reporter: yeah. several other states including big ones in arizona and florida. so if uber does the same thing it did here in california and massachusetts, it is basically paying, throwing money at the problem, paying to keep the right to keep their drivers as independent contractors. back to you. >> thank you, anne makovec. spring storms like today are just what the state needs to keep our reservoirs full. california will deliver more water this year than it has for each of the last three years. the state water board announced water districts serving nearly a million acres of farmland and 40 million residents will receive 60% of the water that
6:35 am
they requested. water officials say that conservation is the key to keep reducing water use by 20%. >> it's important to keep that up. >> do we really have to share our water with southern california? [ laughter ] >> no one rocks a rain jacket like anne makovec! we have april showers to greet you this friday morning. it's live our hi-def doppler. we have the front passing to the east of the central bay right now. we still have some pretty heavy precipitation right there right now moving into albany and towards san pablo dam road. we have a little bit of a break behind this activity then look what's happening to the west of the santa rosa area. more rain showers developing. that's the scenario with hit- and-miss scattered showers.
6:36 am
we begin this workweek with record warmth. would with the warm air being pushed out by the cooler air mass and clouds i cannot rule out the potential that a thunderstorm tain will contain small hail today. 54 to 61 degrees. gusty winds, 18 sfo with one hour 18-minute delays on some arriving flights. 18-mile-an-hour wind speeds in napa. we have a wind advisory in mace for the delta to the carquinez strait some of the winds there up to 45 miles per hour. so feeling raw even those these temperatures are seasonal. cloudy, breezy, rainy, potentials for thunderstorms. how this will affect the giants game. we'll talk about that at 48 minutes after the hour. >> busy on the road. 880 on the northbound side 16th street embarcadero causing
6:37 am
delays northbound out of oakland. look at this, rainy weather causing slick surfaces. drive times 23 minutes so slow north 880, 238 to the maze. westbound 580 regatta boulevard accident causing delays heading to the richmond/san rafael. eastshore freeway flying over 80 now. you can see a lot of red in some spots with slow speeds. ing an accident at the bay bridge over to near the toll plaza. so keep that in mine. it is over to the side of the road. you're going to find delays as you hit the bay bridge with the metering lights on, on all approaches as you head up the incline. past there you get a break. moving at better speeds. but expecting to be a little slow heading into san francisco. south 101 at delong an accident in lanes. more trouble at uc- berkeley. now a crew coach is being investigated in connection to an alleged sexual assault case.
6:38 am
a former female crew member says she approached coach mike teti about being assaulted at a party in 2013 by one of the male reporters. she says at the time at the told her to stop crying. in an email to the east bay times, teti says the allegations are completely false and he believes an investigation will prove it. the hayward high school that hosted a football player accused of rape is now letting his alleged victim's attorney make a speech. attorney gloria allred will talk to students at tennyson high school at the end of february former 49er ray mcdonald gave a speech to students. parents were upset though that an athlete accused of rape was framed as a role model. new this morning the fbi paid to hack into the iphone of the san bernardino shooting suspect. the report says the federal agency paid at least $1.3 million to a group to help hack the phone. the justice department originally ordered apple to aid
6:39 am
them in the hack. but ceo tim cook refused. he called it a breach of privacy. 6:38. the cuckoo's nest. why people living near a private bay area tech club wished that the members would migrate elsewhere. >> we are monitoring the progress of a solar-powered airplane flying around the world right now heading straight for mountain view. ,,
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the e-class has driver-assist systems. it recognizes pedestrians and alerts you. warns you about incoming cross-traffic. cameras and radar detect dangers you don't. and it can even stop by itself. so in this crash test, one thing's missing: a crash. the 2016 e-class. now receive up to a $3,000 spring bonus on the e350 sport sedan. live hi-def doppler, plenty of precipitation now moving onshore from the cloverdale area to inver necessary. scattered showers in the east bay. the heaviest precipitation now looking at the red cluster the wind turbines in rio vista but we have heavy rain moving into american canyon and right now, we have raindrops on the rooftops in milpitas. the full forecast is less than
6:43 am
four minutes away. big news for big tech firms this morning. joining us now is kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. >> reporter: the first quarter earnings season really heating up. hearing from a lot of sillicon valley companies. advanced microdevices is getting cheered for its 1st quarter. it did top expectations and the sunnyvale chipmaker also announced a new joint venture with a chinese firm in which it will make processors for the chinese server market. a & d shares are surging higher by 24%. google, microsoft reported earnings that were mixed. each missing on the profits side of the equation. google' bottom line pressured boy lower ad prices shares of both companies tumbling in the early going. volkswagen is going to take an $18 billion write-down for 2015 because of the diesel scandal. they agreed to fix or buy back a half million affected cars in
6:44 am
the u.s. it's unknown how it will come or how much it will cost but kelley blue book estimates that if vw were to buy back all those cars it would cost them $7 billion. stock market off to a mixed start this morning. is headed to the bay area. the swiss made solar impuls2 is scheduled to arrive in mountain view some back to you. >> thank you. right now, historic flight is heading to the bay area. >> the swiss-made solar impulse 2 is scheduled to arrive in mountain view this weekend. >> kiet do is live at moffett field where the stole lar plane will land. -- solar plane will land. >> reporter: mission control is on radio silence with the sleeping pilot inside the cockpit. the plane is on autopilot towards moffett field. this is a live look at the plane's tracker.
6:45 am
it's past the point of no return. about a third of the way to mountain view going about 35 miles an hour at 4900 feet. it took off from oahu thursday morning and has been in the air for 2 1.5 hours. batteries down to 50%. but no matter. because the plane will be in full sunrise in about two hours. the plane dubbed the solar impulse two is an engineering marvel made out of carbon fiber weighs about the same as a family car. wings are covered in 17,000 state-of-the-art solar pants that recharge the four 38- kilowatt hour batteries during the day. the plane flies around the clock. it's powered by the battery at night and in theory the plane can repeat the cycle and fly forever limited only by pilot fatigue. on a test flight last year, they flew for five days straight. solar impulse is the brainture the bertrand piccard an explorer from switzerland who hopes to inspire people around the world to use more clean energy, it's his brainchild. the final destination is abu dhabi in early may.
6:46 am
it will be in moffett field sometime saturday 9 p.m. kiet do, kpix 5. an effort is under way to make the prosecution of utility companies easier when they violate safety regulations. pg&e is facing criminal prosecution for the san bruno blast back in 2010. congresswoman jackie speier is introducing the bill today along the mayor of san bruno. under the proposed law prosecutors would need to prove the prosecutor's conduct was reckless. 6:46. we are going to get a look at what's coming up later on "cbs this morning." norah o'donnell joins us now from new york. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. remembering the life of prince. anthony mason looks at his influence on music. stevie wonder and others will be with us. we'll talk with the music legend's former drummer and band mate sheila e. the news is back in the morning. see you at 7:00. >> what's going on in the
6:47 am
studio? a lot of noise. hter[ laug [ indiscernible ] >> live tv. >> i hope she is okay. >> it's a live set. it's a live set. you never know what happens. >> we have not served any champagne yet. [ laughter ] >> we want to see that footage from the camera that's mounted in the corner of the studio. >> a lot of fun going on there. [ laughter ] >> we'll see you at 7:00. >> have a good weekend. we've already started out. they are having so much fun but props for norah to keep a straight face. sounds like a lot was happening there. a lot on the roads. north 880 at 16th street embarcadero we have an accident still stuck in the left lane causing a big delay on the nimitz. northbound 880 crawling along. wet weather, slick surfaces and
6:48 am
a backup, 30 minutes, 238 to the maze. vallejo an accident west 80/780 connector a spinout over to the right shoulder. a backup along the eastshore freeway. slow westbound coming away from 4 pockets of slowing westbound towards oakland. lots of brake lights through berkeley and at the bay bridge incline, a live look stacked up with the metering lights. backed up into the maze. all approaches now seeing delays including 580, 880, 80 itself and westbound 4 starting to feel it also. south 680 at sunol an accident reported here. no delays there but south of there you will see a bit of a backup because of an accident right at andrade. drive time okay past this. 580 down to 101 at 32 minutes. south 680 west 4 at willow pass got an accident here also blocking the left lane so causing a backup out of antioch
6:49 am
into pittsburg. westbound hillcrest from 242, 16 minutes for your drive time. 880 through hayward, southbound a little slow heading towards the san mateo bridge. wind advisories on the san mateo bridge as well as the golden gate bridge this morning. so this wet weather making it very busy out there for a friday. >> i'm so excited. not too often in the month of april am i able to use and fire up our live hi-def doppler radar. i'm doing that this morning. let's go ahead and take a look at where it's raining at this particular time. moving into cloverdale through santa rosa moderate rainfall around american canyon lining the central bay from vallejo into the hercules area back through pinole and martinez. let's go ahead and segue into the southern portion of the bay area. santa clara valley good morning, san jose, you do have the raindrops on the rooftops backing through alviso into alum rock into the willow glen neighborhoods this morning and the roads are wet. we have a line of showers around the peninsula all the
6:50 am
way into the santa cruz mountains, san gregorio with moderate rainfall. sfo over an hour delays on some arriving flights due to the lowering ceiling and windy conditions and the rain. temperatures 55 to about 61 degrees. the other side of the story is wind. sustained winds south 20 in oakland making it a double white knuckler going across the bay bridge. south-southwest winds in san francisco at 13. >> we have a high wind advisory in effect for today for the delta and the carquinez straits. some wind gusts over 45 miles per hour. darryl yee our weather watcher in alameda this morning says it's raining. bring it on. all right. let see when it's going to rain more in the alameda area. this is a line passing through the bay area right now. by lunch hour we have a new batch of energy in the form of
6:51 am
some pretty moderate rainfall that will go into the cellar valley. we have the cooler air mass overriding the warmer air mass. record highs earlier this week so that's why i cannot rule out the potential of an isolated thunderstorm today containing small hail. dry on the weekend. partly cloudy both days saturday through sunday. statewide today we are talking about rain to the north and to the south our rain amounts, telling us a half inch in san francisco. maybe that's a little "advantageous." high sierra, we have a winter weather advisory in effect for the 22nd day of april. we are expecting eight inches of snow above 7,000 feet. it's snowing at "sierra at tahoe." four resorts are open for skiing and boarding. temperatures in the 60s, blustery, dry over the weekend.
6:52 am
make it a great friday. a private social club for techies is ruffling feathers on the peninsula. cuckoo's nest is a private location for tech entrepreneurs and investors to mingle and shares ideas but neighbors say sometimes their parties and events are too loud. the owners are seeking a permanent license to sell alcohol and host events. residents nearby say they will have to keep the noise down if they don't want a fight. >> i'm from santa cruz and it's convenient. >> as long as they keep it down it's fine as far as i'm concerned. >> the cuckoo's nest didn't comment. a study from the federal government has revealed a spike in suicides. the study shows that we're seeing the highest levels in nearly 30 years. the rate is now 13 per 100,000 people. during the 15-year stuffed the rate saw an overall rise of
6:53 am
24%. middle-aged people proved particularly vulnerable. for women aged 45 to 64, the rate rose 53%. and for middle-aged men the rate rose 43%. it is 6:53 right now. they say there's no such thing as a free ride. but that's not true today in the south bay. we'll explain. >> and the $100 million settlement for uber. coming up what that means for drivers and riders. ,,,,
6:54 am
before earning enough cash back from bank of america to buy a new gym bag. before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time and 2% back at the grocery store. even before he got 3% back on gas. kenny used his bankamericard cash rewards credit card to join the wednesday night league. because he loves to play hoops. not jump through them. that's the excitement of rewarding connections. apply online or at a bank of america near you.
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continue to mourn the sudden passing of music icon, prin. five things to know at the :55. people around the world continue to mourn the sudden death of music icon prince. the 57-year-old was found unresponsive in an elevator at his suburb minneapolis home on thursday. an autopsy is scheduled for today. president obama is in the uk a trip that coincides with
6:57 am
queen elizabeth's 90th birthday. the president is having lunch with the queen and her husband at windsor castle today to celebrate. later on president obama will have dinner at kensington palace with the duke and duchess of cambridge. on the campaign trail, republican leaders meet again today to discuss their party's nominating process. yesterday donald trump's top aide sought to influence party members telling them trump is prepared to raise money for the rnc. trump has 68% of the delegates he needs to secure the nomination. governor brown will be in new york today as world leaders sign a historic climate change deal. up to 170 countries are poised to sign an agreement to cut down on greenhouse gases. the governor issued an executive order last year to reduce greenhouse gases in california. the vta is celebrating earth day by offering free rides all day. that includes all buses and light rail trains. the promotion is intended to attract people who might not use public transportation otherwise. i'm anne makovec live in
6:58 am
san francisco, where the ridesharing company uber has agreed to a settlement that will allow their employees or their drivers, rather, to remain as independent contractors, not employees. as freelancers rather than company employees which means they still will not be entitled to company benefits. under the deal, uber will pay $84 million to its drives who file suit in california and massachusetts and another $16 million if the company goes public. and uber made a few other concessions. we'll now see signs in drivers' cars saying tips are not included in the price. and uber will improve its system for communicating with drivers about their ratings and why they are terminated, which could set up uber's independent contractors to form drivers associations. uber is facing similar suits right now in other states including arizona and florida. live in san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5. and raining out there with wet weather we have a lot of problems on the freeways. northbound 880 as you worker way past the coliseum, you have
6:59 am
delays at least near hegenberger at this point. 37 minutes to go from 238 to the maze. an accident at 16th and embarcadero causing a backup. at least one lane blocked. eastshore freeway busy. metering lights are on. slow up the incline and across the upper deck into san francisco. again big delays along 880 for that accident. south 680 at andrade, look out for troubles through the sunol grade and wind advisories in effect for san mateo bridge and golden gate. roberta. >> good call. we have a wind advisory in effect up to 45-mile-an-hour gusts. scattered showers throughout the day today. there's a pretty moderate cell pushing east out of the albany area towards the tri-valley. we have the rain moving into the bay area. we have scattered showers throughout the day and thunderstorms with hail possible. very windy.
7:00 am
there's your high for today. and it will be dry this weekend. >> dry this weekend. we'll take that. thanks for watching, everyone. there's the rain. have a good one. captions by: caption colorado ♪ good morning to our viewers on the west. it's friday, april 22, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." the world honors the musical reign of prince after the iconic musician's sudden death. stevie wonder, sheila e., join us to reflect on prince and the genius behind his music. president obama begins his european tour by dining with queen elizabeth, but the timing of his visit is very controversial. we begin this morning with today's eye opener. your world in 90 seconds.


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